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SAE AS 8027:2013 pdf free

SAE AS 8027:2013 pdf free.Crew Member Oxygen Regulators, Demand
The following publications form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. The latest issue of SAE publications shall apply. The applicable issue of other publications shall be the issue in effect on the date of the purchase order. In the event of conflict between the text of this document and references cited herein, the text of this document takes precedence. Nothing in this document, however, supersedes applicable laws and regulations unless a specific exemption has been obtained.
Equipment is intended to be used with aviator’s breathing oxygen (ABO). It shall be constructed of materials which do not contaminate air or oxygen nor are adversely affected by exposure to these gases. The materials of construction shall meet the flammability requirements of the applicable portions of FAR 25.853.
Oxygen inlet ports shall have appropriate filtering to prevent the entrance of particulate matter which may be hazardous to the user or which may impair the function of the device.In the case of Class B, D, and E devices (diluter demand) an air inlet port shall be provided.Construction of the port shall be such as to prevent the entrance of particles which may impair the performance of the device.
A mode selector shall be provided for manually setting Class B, D, and E devices to either the “NORMAL” or“100% OXYGEN” position. The selector shall be detented and it shall not be possible for normal shock and vibration encountered in usage, storage, or handling to change the position of the selector.
An emergency pressure feature shall be optional on Class A and B devices and a requirement on Class C, D, and E devices. Means shall be provided to select breathing oxygen at a positive pressure at any altitude. The means to obtain this pressure shall be easily performed and shall be detented. This feature is intended for smoke protection, face mask leakage testing, and for oxygenation with pressure at those altitudes where the device does not ordinarily provide oxygen at positive pressure.
The inlet supply pressure range shall be shown on the device on the nameplate or other readily visible location. For those devices with a supply hose as part of the assembly, the supply pressure shall be measured at the inlet of the supply hose coupler.SAE AS 8027 pdf free download.

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