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AS NZS 4793:2009 pdf free

AS NZS 4793:2009 pdf free.Mechanical tapping bands for waterworks purposes
Stainless steel components subjected to welding, including repair welding, during the manufacture of any component, shall either be a low carbon or stabilized grade, or shall meet the carbon requirements specified in WTIA TN13 Clause 5.4. All stainless steel components shall be passivated in accordance with ASTM A380.
All welding shall be carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 1554.6 with welding quality Category 2B. Welding shall be capable of meeting the requirements of the intergranular corrosion test specified in AS 2205.10.1 and electrodes to AWS A5.9 except inspection.Inspection shall be carried out by suitably trained persons approved by the manufacturer to meet its requirements.
Plastics materials used in the components of tapping bands shall exhibit dimensional stability after immersion in drinking water at 20- -30°C for 1 000 h with the maximum disinfectant residual as recommended in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
The long-term performance of plastics materials of the tapping band shall be verified in a type test on an injection-moulded pipe specimen with an outside diameter of not less than 50 mm. The wall thickness of the specimen shall be not less than that of a PN 6 pipe and not more than that ofa PN 16 pipe of the corresponding size and of the same material.
The free length of each test piece between the end caps shall be at least three times the outside diameter for pipes with a nominal outside diameter less than or equal to 315 mm,with a minimum of 250 mm.
When two pipe specimens are tested in accordance with AS/NZS 1462.6, both specimens shall meet the test requirements given in Table 2.2 without leaking or fracturing.
For materials that are not listed in Table 2.2,test conditions shall be established, in accordance with the principles of ISO 9080, so as to be at least equivalent to the conditions for the materials listed in Table 2.2 for the evaluation of the long-term performance of the material.AS NZS 4793 pdf free download.

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