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AS 4684:2009 pdf free

AS 4684:2009 pdf free.High chairs – Safety requirements
The following requirements and recommendation apply:
(a) High chairs shall have an integral, permanently attached restraint system that can be adjusted to prevent the child standing in, or slipping out of, the chair. The harness should be able to be adjusted to fit the range of occupants for whom the chair is designed. Typical restraint systems are a 5-point harness, or a full body harness.Typical examples are given in Figures 1 and 2.
(b) When correctly fitted to the child, the harness shall restrain the child in the designated seating or reclining position.
NOTE: In ASTM F404, this safety restraint section replaces ASTM clauses titled‘ Restraint System’and ‘Passive Crotch Restraint’ and the associated test requirements.
(c) The buckling device of any safety restraint system shall not include a quick- release mechanism, and shall be constructed so as to prevent removal of the buckling device from the strap.
Waist straps and fittings for waist straps shall be secured to the frame of a high chair either directly or by their securement to the seat, which shall be secured to the frame of the high chair in such a way that the seat cannot be pulled away from the frame of the high chair by pulling the restraint straps.
Shoulder straps shall have a minimum width of 15 mm and shall comply with either of the following:
(a) Shoulder straps shall meet the seat back with a maximum distance of 150 mm between their inside edges at the point at which they meet the seat back.
(b) Shoulder straps shall be attached to an adjustable strap that is incorporated with the front waist strap so as to encircle the child’s torso. The shoulder straps shall be joined and shall meet the part of the strap that is adjacent to the child’s back in such a way that the straps do not fall off the occupant’s shoulder.
NOTE: The intention is to prevent shoulder straps falling off the occupants shoulders but allow forward movement.AS 4684 pdf free download.

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