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SAE AS 4468F:2013 pdf free

SAE AS 4468F:2013 pdf free.Hose Assembly, 125 psi,Lined Silicone, Potable Water, Procurement Specification
The hose assembly shall consist of a smooth inner tube with reinforcement braid or covering to meet the requirements of this document and as required for its intended use. Unless other fttings are specified, hose assemblies may have flared fttings to mate with AS4395, flareless fittings per NAS1760 to mate with AS4375 fitting ends, or threadless coupling ends per AS1656-1 or -3. Hose end fttings shall be permanently attached to the hose by crimping or swaging. Hose splicing shall be used only for economical construction of long assemblies. Splices shall not be used in assembly lengths under 120 inches. Splice design and attachment method shall be the same as the hose end ftting.
Coupling nuts shall be corrosion-resistant steel or aluminum as specified on the standard or drawing. Flareless ftting nuts shall be dimensionally equivalent to AS21921 or AS4370. Nut threads and internal surfaces shall be solid film lubricated in accordance with AS6449 Type I or II. Lubricant on external nut surfaces shall not be reason for rejection. Thread tolerances shall be maintained after the application of the lubricant.
The inner tube shall be fully fluorinated fluoropolymer lined silicone of a seamless construction. It shall have a smooth inner surface, free of cracks, and shall be nonshedding or particle producing. Only virgin materials shall be used for the inner tube.
The inner liner shall be a fully fluorinated fluoropolymer. It shall be free of splits or holes. There shall be no leakage during 2 psi pneumatic proof testing of the fully chlorinated fluoropolymer inner liner, or visible defects when visually inspected against light. No rerun or reclaimed materials shall be used. The inner liner shall be clear, no carbon shall be added. No material or combination of materials that are known to produce toxic effects shall be used. The hose shall not cause an objectionable odor or taste in the water.SAE AS 4468F pdf free download.

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