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SAE AS 25427:2015 pdf free

SAE AS 25427:2015 pdf free.Coupling Assembly, Hydraulic, Self-Sealing, Quick Disconnect
The configuration, dimensions, and other details of design of the couplings shall conform to the applicable MS standard. Coupling nuts, or other coupling devices, shall be a part of the hose attaching coupling-half assembly. When coupled, the coupling shall be such that it will permit fluid flow in either direction in accordance with the rated flow and pressure drop as specified in table I. Flow shall not be blocked under surge conditions.
Sealing and fluid loss: The couplings shall, when uncoupled, seal the ends of the disconnected lines at the point of disconnection and shall not permit external leakage during any phase of coupling or uncoupling. Fluid loss is specifed in table II is not considered to be external leakage. Both halves of the coupling shall seal fluid under both low and high pressures when tested as specified in 4.6.3.
Operation: The coupling shall be so designed that it can be coupled and uncoupled with one hand without the use of tools. Coupling and uncoupling operations shall be possible with 60-PSI static pressure applied to both halves of the coupling. Inadvertent uncoupling shall not occur under 20G maximum loading. It shall be possible to determine by visual inspection that the coupling is completely coupled and locked. In addition, couplings shall provide a touch indication for determining whether the coupling is locked or unlocked. Couplings shall not have any partially coupled unlocked positions in which the coupling can remain stable and permit fluid flow. Couplings shall be coupled with a single simple motion. (See 4.6.9.)
Flange: A removable bulkhead flange for fastening the coupling to a bulkhead shall be provided, as required by the MS standard, for use on the bulkhead mounting end of the coupling. The flange shall be in accordance with Standard MS24335. This flange shall withstand 1.5 times the maximum steel tubing wrench torque as specified by Standard AND10064 for a given tube size coupling when tested as specified in 4.6.13.SAE AS 25427 pdf free download.

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