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AS NZS ISO 19101.1:2015 pdf free

AS NZS ISO 19101.1:2015 pdf free.Geographic information – Reference model
Interoperability of geographic information is depicted as a communication process that occurs between two agents, a user agent and a provider agent, interacting together about geographic information Consider that the user agent is interested in getting information about geographic features in a specific area, say points of interest in Paris. Then, the user agent sends a query to the provider agent through the communication channel (e.g. the Internet) using its own concepts and vocabulary. Once the message reaches its destination, the provider agent interprets the request. This means that the provider agent identifies concepts it knows that correspond to the request and for which it has information, and uses them to answer the request (e.g. Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, Paris, 48951’29” Latitude, 2°17’40” Longitude). Then, the provider agent assembles the information in a response that is sent back to the user agent. In turn, at the time when the user agent receives the response from the provider agent,it interprets and assesses it according to its initial request. Interoperability happens in this scenario between the two agents only if the answer of the provider agent satisfies the user agent query.
Figure 1 illustrates the interaction between a user agent and a provider agent in the conceptual framework for the interoperability of geographic information. First, it considers the reality (R) as it is at a given time and about which the user agent is interested to have information.
Second, the user agent model of the reality (R) results from a set of observed signals and the frame of reference that is used to build it, i.e. the set of rules and knowledge used to abstract phenomena.The user agent model is made of properties considered meaningful that are organized or structured into concepts. A concept is an abstract, generalized, and simplified representation of similar real world phenomena. A concept is entirely fictional, i.e. it does not exist in reality.AS NZS ISO 19101.1 pdf free download.

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