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AS NZS 62852:2020 pdf free

AS NZS 62852:2020 pdf free.Connectors for DC-application in photovoltaic systems一Safety requirements and tests (IEC 62852:2014, MOD)
current value assigned by the manufacturer, which the connector can carry continuously (without interruption) and simultaneously through all its contacts wired with the largest specified conductor, preferably at an ambient temperature of 85 °C, without the upper limiting temperature being exceeded
Note 1 to entry:If other ambient temperature values are used for the definition of the rated current, the manufacturer should state in the technical documentation the ambient temperature on which the rating is based,with reference, if appropriate, to the derating curve defined in IEC 60512-5-2, test 5b.
Mechanisms which are used for mounting the connector and/or termination of conductors shall not be used to fix live parts in the connector housing, if it may impair the proper function of the mechanism or reduce the clearance and creepage distances below the requirements according to 5.18.
Connectors shall be so designed that connection of conductors of the type and cross-sectional areas as specified by the manufacturer is possible. Besides the termination of the conductor, care shall be taken that no damage of the insulation is possible, e.g. by avoiding sharp edges.
Cables connected to the connector shall be suitable for use in photovoltaic systems.The values of the rated current and the rated voltage shall have at least the rated values of the connector. Cables shall be flexible and the conductor shall be at least class 5 according to IEC 60228.
This requirement does not apply to
a) free connectors for termination to cables in fixed mountings (plug connection in the sense of a detachable connection),
b) free connectors in which the termination is protected against pull and twisting mounting provisions in the end-use product.
A connector shall withstand the upper and lower values of temperature range as given in 5.2.1 or as specified by the manufacturer, if lower than the minimum value or higher than the maximum value as defined in 5.2.1.AS NZS 62852 pdf free download.

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