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AS NZS 60704.2.3:2009 pdf free

AS NZS 60704.2.3:2009 pdf free.Household and similar electrical appliances – Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise
If the manufacturer’s instructions clearly describe the loading with the rated capacity, the instructions shall be followed; otherwise the principles of 3. 103 have to be followed. In the latter case, at least two series of measurements shall be carried out. For the second or the following series of measurements, the load shall be reasonably redistributed, following as far as possible the hints given by the manufacturer for general use.
For measurements on floor-standing appliances intended for placing against a wall (including cabinets, counters or test enclosures for building in or under counter types), a vertical reflecting plane shall be available.
When the measurements are made in a hard-walled test room or in a special reverberation test room, a part of a wall of the room will serve for this purpose. The minimum area of this part of the wall should be determined by the projection of the appliance, extended by at least 0,5 m upwards and to both sides. The minimum distance between any surface of the appliance (cabinet, counter or test enclosure) and the nearest corner of the room shall be 1 m.
When measurements are made in a free-field environment, a vertical-reflecting plane (supported by the horizontal reflecting plane) shall be provided. The minimum size of this vertical plane shall be at least equal to the size of the projection of the measurement surface.
Moreover the test enclosure shall be provided, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, at its lower front side with a skirting board of the maximum height which corresponds with the size of the board on the door of the appliance and of the same material and thickness as the test enclosure, see figure 101. If no instructions are given by the manufacturer, a skirting board as described above shall be pressed against the skirting board of the appliance.AS NZS 60704.2.3 pdf free download.

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