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AS NZS 60598.2.8:2015 pdf free

AS NZS 60598.2.8:2015 pdf free.Luminaires Part 2.8: Particular requirements – Handlamps
The lamp shall be protected against accidental damage by a protective grid,translucent cover or similar protective means. These devices shall be rigidly fixed to the body of the handlamp and it shall not be possible to remove the device by hand.
The protective device shall remain attached to the handlamp during the lamp replacement,e.g. by a hinge, chain or equally effective device. If an automatic switch interrupts the operation of the luminaire, when the protective device is removed for maintenance, the protective device may not be permanently attached to the luminaire.
For handlamps with magnetic ballast for tubular fluorescent lamps, the removal of the protective device shall be s0 arranged that the opening occurs at the end of the lamp where the lamp holder is connected to the magnetic ballast.
If the protective device is of metal, it shall be so positioned or protected by insulation that it is not likely to be inadvertently touched when holding the handle. The distance between the glass of the tungsten filament lamp or the tubular fluorescent lamp or any protective glass and a plane through the outside of two adjacent bars of a protective grid or a protective cover,shall be at least 3 mm.
The handlamp, without lamp, is suspended by its flexible cable or cord so that the point “a”,indicated in Figure 1, rests against the corner of the bar, the point of suspension being 400 mm above the bar. It is then drawn away from the bar in a plane perpendicular to the wall until the cable or cord is horizontal.
The sample is allowed to fall against the bar three times in this way. It is then suspended so that the impact is at the point “b”, and caused to fall similarly three times, followed by three falls against the point “c”.
After this first test, the sample shall show no damage impairing its safety or further use. The whole of the above test is then repeated but with the point of suspension 1 m above the bar.After this second test, the sample shall show no damage impairing its safety or further use.The means protecting the lamp against damage shall not have loosened, even if it has become deformed. Breakage of the protective glass of translucent cover, if any, is neglected,if it is not the sole means protecting the lamp against damage.AS NZS 60598.2.8 pdf free download.


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