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AS NZS 60598.2.10:2015 pdf free

AS NZS 60598.2.10:2015 pdf free.Luminaires Part 2.10: Particular requirements
The test of 12.5 of IEC 60598-1 shall be made with the luminaire lying on a dull,black painted, 15 mm to 20 mm thick laminated wooden board. During the tests, the luminaire is covered completely or partly (whichever is more onerous), with one layer each of cotton sheet and blanket together, the blanket being uppermost. The blanket used for the tests shall be (25±5) mm thick and have a weight of (4±0,4) kg/m2 and the cotton shall weigh between 140 g/m2 and 175 g/m2 dry. After the test, the luminaire shall comply with the requirements of 12.5 of IEC 60598-1 and additionally there shall be no deformation of the luminaire and no scorching or ignition of the cotton sheet.
Where the luminaire incorporates parts having a pile surface (e.g. velvet, plush,imitation fur) or other textile surface, a sample of the surface is tested in accordance with The rate of spread of flame on the surface shall not be more than 30 mm/s.
The parts to be tested are subjected to the burning behaviour test of ISO 6941,the test flame being applied at an angle of 45° for 3 s so that the distance between the edge of the burner tube and the sample is approximately 5 mm and the flame makes contact at least 20 mm above the lower edge of the sample. After removal of the flame, the time taken for any flame to reach the upper edge of the sample from point of application is measured in order to determine the spread. Where the flame does not reach the edge, because it has self-extinguished, the part is considered as being in compliance with the requirement.
This Appendix sets out variations between this Standard and IEC 60598-2-10, Ed. 2.0 (2003) and additional requirements to cover issues that have not been addressed by the International Standard.These variations indicate national variations for the purposes of the IECEE CB Scheme and will be published in the IECEE CB Bulletin.AS NZS 60598.2.10 pdf free download.


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