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AS NZS 60335.2.86:2013 pdf free

AS NZS 60335.2.86:2013 pdf free.Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety
The electric fishing machine is operated as in normal use when connected to the supply with an adjustable non-inductive resistor connected between its output terminals. The resistor is adjusted so as to give an output current just sufficient not to cause any protective device to operate
NOTE 101 It also includes terminals for the connection of the battery and other metal parts in a battery compartment that become accessible when batteries are replaced, even with the aid of a tool.
appliance, comprising electrodes and an energizer, that is designed or used for the control,taking, killing of any species of fish or invertebrate living in water or for the production of electronarcosis, by means of electric current
NOTE 1 An electric fishing machine may be used to provide a barrier effective for all animals living in water.
NOTE 2 A given electric fishing machine may only perform some of the functions specified.
that part of an electric fishing machine that transfers the electric power into the water. The catching electrode is the electrode used by the fisherman, the return electrode is the electrode trailed in the water
NOTE 1 The catching electrode is usually the anode and the return electrode is usually the cathode.
NOTE 2 This does not preclude the return electrode being held by the user.
electric fishing machine deriving its energy solely from non-rechargeable batteries,rechargeable batteries or other sources of energy, with a voltage meeting the requirements for safety extra-low voltage
For battery-operated electric fishing machines, the supply terminals for connection of the battery shall be clearly indicated by symbol IEC 60417-5005 (2002-10) if of positive polarity, and by symbol IEC 60417-5006 (2002-10) if of negative polarity,unless the polarity is irrelevant.
The insulation between the poles of the supply circuit is then subjected for 1 min to a d.c.voltage of approximately 500 V. Before this test is made, the capacitors, resistors, inductors,transformer windings and electronic components that are connected between the poles of the supply circuit are disconnected. When a capacitor forms part of an integrated circuit and cannot be disconnected separately, the circuit as a whole is disconnected.AS NZS 60335.2.86 pdf free download.

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