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AS NZS 60335.2.79:2017 pdf free

AS NZS 60335.2.79:2017 pdf free.Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety
part of the machine specifically designed to provide protection by means of a physical barrier,such as a casing, a shield, a cover, a screen, a door, an enclosure or a fence; other parts of the machine that fulfil a primarily operational function, such as, for example, the frame of the machine, may also fulfil a protective function but are not referred to as guards
Note 1 to entry: Three main kinds of guards can be distinguished: fixed guards, interlocking moveable guards and adjustable guards. Interlocking movable guards are required where frequent access is envis aged, while fixed guards can be used where frequent access is not envisaged.
The motorized cleaning head shall be operated in a flat-bottomed vesse/ flldl with a saline solution of water containing approximately 1 % NaCI so that a depth of 3,0 mm of water is maintained. The vessel is to be a size such that the motorized cleaning head moves about freely; and is to be operated with or without connection to the high pressure cleaner for 15 min whichever applicable. The motorized cleaning head shall then withstand the electric strength test of 16.3, the voltage being applied between the live parts and the test solution.There shall be no trace of saline solution on insulation that reduces clearances or creepage distances below the values specified in Clause 29.
Current-carrying hoses, except for their electrical connections, are immersed for 1 h in a saline solution of water containing approximately 1 % NaCl, at a temperature of 20 °C±5 °C. While the hose is still immersed, a voltage of 2 000 V is applied for 5 min between each conductor and all the other conductors connected together. A voltage of 3 000 V is then applied for 1 min between all the conductors and the saline solution.
If the temperature rise of any part of the machine exceeds the temperature rise determined during the test of 11.8, forced cooling or rest periods may be applied, the rest periods being excluded from the specified operating time. If forced cooling is applied, it shall not alter the air flow of the machine or redistribute carbon deposits.AS NZS 60335.2.79 pdf free download.

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