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AS NZS 60335.2.68:2013 pdf free

AS NZS 60335.2.68:2013 pdf free.Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety
Nozzles and motorized cleaning heads of water-suction cleaning machines are placed in a tray, the base of which is level with the surface supporting the machine. The tray is filled with the test solution to a level of 5 mm above its base, this level being maintained throughout the test. The machine including the motorized cleaning head is operated until its liquid container is completely full and afterwards for a further 5 min.
Current-carrying hoses, except for their electrical connections, are immersed for 1 h in a saline solution of water containing approximately 1 % NaCl, at a temperature of 20 °C±5 °C.
While the hose is still immersed, a voltage of 2 000 V is applied for 5 min between each conductor and all the other conductors connected together. A voltage of 3 000 V is then applied for 1 min between all the conductors and the saline solution.
Stop valves or other fluid shut-off devices shall be made inoperative. If two or more independent shut-off devices are provided, only one of them is made inoperative at a time,provided that they have passed the test of operating 3 000 times satisfactorily. Otherwise, all devices that failed shall be made inoperative.
After this test, the machine shall be subjected to the electrical strength test of 16.3. Inspection shall show that water has not entered the machine to any dangerous extent. In particular,there shall be no trace of water on the electrical insulation that reduces the clearance or creepage distances below the limits specified in Clause 29.
If failure of the part subject to impact would cause a failure to comply with this specification,any spot of the machine which may be exposed during normal operation to impacts or blows shall be subjected to a single blow with an impact energy of 6, 75 Nm. The impact stress on the free-standing machines shall be exerted by a steel sphere with a diameter of 50,8 mm and a mass of 0,535 kg dropped from a height of 1,3m or hanging on a string acting as a pendulum, falling from a height of 1,3 m.AS NZS 60335.2.68 pdf free download.

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