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AS NZS 60335.2.40:2015 pdf free

AS NZS 60335.2.40:2015 pdf free.Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety
If a flammable refrigerant is used, the symbols for “read operator’s manual”, “operator’s manual; operating instructions” and “service indicator; read technical manual” (symbols ISO 7000-0790 (2004-01), IS0-7000-1641 (2004-01) and ISO 7000-1659 (2004-01)) shall be placed on the appliance in a location visible to the persons required to know the information.The perpendicular height shall be at least 10 mm.
An additional warning symbol (flame symbol: W021 of ISO 7010) shall be placed on the nameplate of the unit near the declaration of the refrigerant type and charge information. The perpendicular height shall be at least 10 mm, and the symbol need not be in colour. When installed, the marking should be visible after removing a detachable part.
Compliance is checked by determining the temperatures of the various parts under the conditions specified in 11.2 to 11.7. Nevertheless, if the temperature of the motor winding exceeds the value specified in Table 3 or if there is doubt with regard to the classification of the insulation system employed in a motor, compliance is checked by the tests of Annex C.
Appliances are installed in a test room in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. In particular,
– clearances to adjacent surfaces specified by the manufacturer shall be maintained;
– flow rates for liquid source or sink equipment shall be the minimum specified in the manufacturer’s instructions except for fan coils where the flow rates and liquid temperatures shall be the maximum specified in the manufacturer’s instructions;
– the outlet duct connected to the appliance shall be subjected to the maximum static pressure given in the manufacturer ‘s instructions;
– for appliances provided with means of adjusting the flow, the flow for the tests shall be the minimum obtainable;
– adjustable limit controls are set at the maximum cut-out setting and the minimum differential permitted by the control adjusting means.
For appliances provided with supplementary heaters, an additional test casing as described in 11.9 is used.
For heating tests of ducted appliances with supplementary heaters, an inlet duct is connected to the inlet air opening of the appliance (assuming that the appliance is intended to be so applied). The duct shall be the same size as the flanges, if flanges are provided. If flanges are not provided, the duct is the same size as the inlet opening.AS NZS 60335.2.40 pdf free download.

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