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AS NZS 4871.6:2013 pdf free

AS NZS 4871.6:2013 pdf free.Electrical equipment for mines and quarries
All electrical parts of plant shall be adequately protected against damage that might reasonably be expected to result from mechanical impact, vibration, exposure to weather,water, excessive dampness, corrosive substances, accumulation of dust or debris, steam, oil,grease, fuel, high temperature, high pressure water, or other adverse conditions to which the plant may be exposed, either in operation or during maintenance.
The electrical system components shall have a suitable ingress protection (IP rating) that is appropriate to the intended duty.
Enclosures should –
(a) have a minimum degree of protection of IP55 in accordance with AS 60529; or
(b) be located in a controlled environment that eliminates exposure to water spray.
NOTE: In selecting an appropriate IP rating, consideration should be given to the intended operating environment, including physical location and level of exposure to water and dust.
Refer to AS/NZS 4871.1:2012, Appendix A, for guidance on information to be supplied by the purchaser.
Where common connectors, plugs or sockets are used, they shall be assessed as part of the risk management process to identify risks associated with incorrect connection. Appropriate controls shall be applied where there is a risk of inadvertent or incorrect operation or energization of the plant. Risk controls may include the use of digitally encoded addressing of individual component parts to prevent incorrect operation or energization if misconnected.
Where unused cabling or conductors are not removed, they shall be disconnected and isolated from the source of supply, terminated and/or insulated from all points of connection to prevent inadvertent reconnection, and suitably marked to indicate termination points and the reason for disconnection.
All live parts shall be arranged or protected so that a short-circuit or arcing, either between live parts or between live parts and other conductive material, shall not occur during normal conditions of service or during maintenance activities, including the use of metallic or other conductive tools.AS NZS 4871.6 pdf free download.

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