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AS NZS 4819:2003 pdf free

AS NZS 4819:2003 pdf free.Geographic information – Rural and urban addressing
This Standard establishes requirements and guidelines for a comprehensive rural and urban addressing system. It outlines the various elements of the system and provides guidelines for the application of those elements to a range of address site types in both urban and rural areas.
The elements found in this Standard are applicable, where appropriate, to all address sites lying within the limits of either the urban or rural addressing system. These elements can be used to allocate addresses. As stated in the Preface, the application of this Standard is not intended to be retrospective.
1 The format of addresses used in the following examples does not necessarily conform to Australian postal addressing standards. Refer to Australia Post’s Address Presentation Standards for recommended postal address formats. This can also be found at
http://www .auspost.com.au/correctaddress
2 For New Zealand postal address formats, refer to NZ Post’s guidelines on addressing. This can also be found at http://www.nzpost.net.nz/nzpost/control/business/ex2
A real or virtual spatially referenced point, characteristic feature or position, used to allocate geocode(s) to an address site (e.g., parcel centroid, building centroid, access point, first boundary point, letterbox, frontage midpoint).
An object, place or property. Unlike an address point, an address site occupies a real area.
NOTE: Address sites may exist both above and below the ground. This Standard deals with the spatial or geographical address label and does not prescribe for aspatial addresses such as PO Box, RMB (Roadside Mail Box/Bag), MC (Mail Contractor), MS (Mail Service) RD (NZ Rural Delivery)
The official place name or culturally accepted common usage name for an address site,including the name of a building, homestead, building complex, agricultural property, park or unbounded address site.
NOTE: Names of persons, associations or businesses should not be used as address site names.AS NZS 4819 pdf free download.

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