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AS NZS 4233.1:2013 pdf free

AS NZS 4233.1:2013 pdf free.High pressure water jetting systems
The following requirements shall be observed to protect persons against the harmful effects of hazards associated with water jetting:
(a) Before commencing any water jetting operations, steps shall be taken to ensure that all hazards likely to afect the safety of persons operating equipment or working in the vicinity of water jetting operations are eliminated or minimized to as low as reasonably practicable.
(b) Processes shall be put into place to prevent or control the release of injurious or harmful substances or material into the working environment.
NOTE: This may be achieved through the improved design of plant and equipment, buildings and work areas or by work procedures and controls which eliminate the need for persons to enter or remain within barricaded work areas when equipment is operating.
(c) The requirements of this Clause(1.4) shall extend to persons and environments that are not directly concerned with the water jetting operations, e.g. persons who and the environment which may be exposed to toxic substances carried away from the work area in the form of airborne particulate, runoff and noise.
(d) Where hazardous or toxic products are encountered appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure proper decontamination and disposal of these products.
A water delivery system consisting of an energy source (e.g. electric motor, hydraulic or internal combustion engine), pump, control mechanism, hoses and pipes, nozzles and various other attachments and components necessary for the equipment to function as a system. The function of the system is to increase the velocity of the liquids at the point of application. Solid particles or additional chemicals may also be introduced, but the exit in all cases will be in a free stream including high pressure water jetting applications, cleaning and cutting systems.
A device with one or more openings (orifices) where the fluid discharges from the system.The nozzle jet(s) restricts the area of flow of the fluid, accelerating the water to the required velocity and shaping it to the required flow pattern and distribution for a particular application. Combinations of forward and backward nozzles are often used to balance the thrust. Such nozzles are commonly referred to as tips, jets or orifices.AS NZS 4233.1 pdf free download.

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