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AS NZS 4024.3612:2015 pdf free

AS NZS 4024.3612:2015 pdf free.Safety of machinery Part 3612: Conveyors – Chain conveyors and unit handling conveyors
The distance between rollers of a roller flight conveyor shall not create a risk to people due to shearing or crushing hazards from objects underneath the rollers.See Appendix B, Paragraph B4.9 and Figure B15 for a description.
NOTE: One means to achieve this may be to provide a smooth bed underneath the rollers.
Where inspection panels are used in the top of a casing structure which encloses a drag chain and can be opened when the system is in motion, a safeguarded system shall be provided to prevent access. Where inspection is required during operation, this may be a mesh screen behind the door or panel. See further requirements specified in AS/NZS 4024.3610 for inspection and access doors.
The flights and chain of a drag chain conveyor which create a risk to health or safety shall be safeguarded or fully enclosed, except for applications where it has been established that it is not reasonably practicable and alternative risk controls that reduce the risk to an acceptable level are implemented.
A backstop shall be provided in the system where there is potential for reverse travel on a loaded inclined conveyor or the load has potential to rotate the conveyor and chains.
Such conditions may include:
(a) Reverse rotation of loaded portion exceeds internal friction for the system and has potential for reverse travel when loaded to rated load conditions.
(b) Maintenance is performed and the system has stopped while in a loaded condition and friction of the chain and blades on the supporting plate is lower than loaded forces of rotation for the system.
Bucket elevators shall be provided with an energy isolation device. An additional means to prevent free rotation due to gravity or other stored energy systems shall be provided. This means shall be capable of preventing unrestrained movement or rotation of the buckets and chain/belt medium resulting from a state of imbalance between each side of the elevator during maintenance or if the motor, backstop or brake is removed.AS NZS 4024.3612 pdf free download.

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