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AS NZS 3119:2015 pdf free

AS NZS 3119:2015 pdf free.Approval and test specification – Lampholder adaptors
Bayonet pins shall be of corrosion-resisting material of suitable rigidity, such as hard-drawn brass or phosphor bronze, and shall be rigidly held in position in the body of the lampholder adaptor. They shall be inserted in the insulating material of the body to a depth of at least 4.75 mm.
The construction of the lampholder adaptor shall be such that, apart from contacts, there shall be no exposed metal other than the bayonet pins and metal skirt of the lampholder, if any.
Any air break switch incorporated in the lampholder adaptor shall be a Category 1 switch.However, the‘off or the ‘on’ position shall be marked. The switch shall be tested in accordance with AS 3133 at 250 V or the marked rated voltage, and 3 A or the marked rated output current.
A lampholder adaptor that incorporates an automatic interrupting or flashing device shall function satisfactorily when a lamp of its marked rating is inserted, and shall not fail in any way leading to fire or shock hazard when a short-circuit is applied at the output side of the lampholder adaptor.
Every lampholder adaptor shall be legibly and indelibly marked in accordance with the method of marking requirements of AS/NZS 3 100 with the following information:
(a) The name or registered trade name or mark of the manufacturer or of the responsible vendor, or alternatively, the approval number (complete with any specified wording) allotted by an Approvals Authority or a Statutory Authority.
(b) If limited by the nature of any component, e.g. a switch, to use on alternating current only, the lampholder adaptor shall be marked‘AC Only’.
(c) If it is not the only type of lampholder adaptor marketed by the manufacturer or responsible vendor, the lampholder adaptor shall be marked with catalogue number,type number or name (or other marking) which will distinguish it from any other type of lampholder adaptor marketed by that manufacturer or responsible vendor.
(d) The operating voltage and the input current.
(e) Each output current for devices that have more than one output.AS NZS 3119 pdf free download.

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