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AS NZS 2891.13.1:2013 pdf free

AS NZS 2891.13.1:2013 pdf free.Methods of sampling and testing asphalt
Pneumatic or hydraulic testing machine that is capable of applying an approximately triangular shaped or haversine load pulse with a rise time (defined as the time required for the load pulse to rise from 10% to 90% of the peak force) in the range of 0.025 s to 0.1 S with an accuracy of ±0.005 s. The machine shall be capable of applying load pulses with peak load adjustable over the range 0.4 kN to 3.9 kN with an accuracy of ±0.05 kN. The pulse repetition period shall be adjustable over the range 0.5 S to 10 s with an accuracy of ±0.005 s. (See Figure 1 for pulse shapes.) The machine shall be capable of applying this load pulse for at least 10 cycles for each specimen.
NOTE: The testing apparatus is only required to operate for 10 cycles for each specimen in this test but it is recommended that it be designed to operate for at least 1000 cycles in preconditioning mode for future tests.
A temperature-controlled cabinet capable of holding the loading frame, at least three test specimens and a dummy specimen and with sufficient internal space to permit adjustment of the frame, displacement measuring devices and specimens.
The cabinet shall be capable of maintaining a temperature of 25±0.5°C and shall be fitted with an external device which indicates the temperature inside the cabinet.
NOTE: A dummy specimen, no smaller than the diameter and maximum height required for the test specimens in Table 2, may be used to record the equilibrium temperature. A temperature measuring device is placed at the internal centre of the dummy specimen and another on the surface of the dummy specimen. The temperature at each device is read at regular intervals until the temperature in the dummy specimen and that at the surface of the dummy specimen is within the test temperature range for at least 10 minutes. Normally, two hours in the cabinet is required to reach temperature equilibrium, this may be verified using the dummy specimen.AS NZS 2891.13.1 pdf free download.

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