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AS NZS 16900.14:2021 pdf free

AS NZS 16900.14:2021 pdf free.Respiratory protective devices一Methods of test and test equipment
Unless otherwise specified, the values stated in this document are expressed as nominal values. Except for temperature limits, values which are not stated as maxima or minima shall be subject to a tolerance of ±5 %. Unless otherwise specified, the ambient conditions for testing shall be between 16 °Cand 32°C and (50±30) % RH. Any temperature limits specified shall be subject to an accuracy of±1 °C.
For each of the required measurements performed in accordance with this document, a corresponding estimate of the uncertainty of measurement shall be evaluated. This estimate of uncertainty shall be stated when reporting test results, in order to enable the user of the test report to assess the reliability of the result in accordance with Annex A.
The RPD is operated on the RPD headform 31) (medium size) as specified in ISO 16900-5, equipped with the special ear inserts shown in Figure 1. The RPD headform is attached to the RPD torso as specified in ISO 16900-5 and connected to a breathing machine or metabolic simulator. Microphones are placed in the special ear inserts, details of which are shown in Figure 2 to 4 to measure the A-weighted continuous equivalent sound pressure level generated by the RPD, exclusive of any warning device, at the right and left ears.
a) The RPD headform 3 with soft surface finish fixed to the RPD torso shall be used. The torso shall be covered with a cotton T shirt. A pressure microphone, 12 mm in diameter shall be fitted in each special ear insert in the position as shown in Figure 5. The surface of the microphone shall be positioned at the surface of the flat ear±1 mm.
b) The measurement system shall meet the IEC 61672-1 Class 2 standard for sound level meters and shall be capable of measuring the A-weighted continuous equivalent sound pressure level in decibels.
c) A sound level calibrator meeting IEC 60942 Class 2.AS NZS 16900.14 pdf free download.

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