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AS ISO 18565:2017 pdf free.Document management – AFP/Archive
In general, no exception conditions are defined within the AFP/A definition for structured fields or their parameters above and beyond what the general MO:DCA architecture defines. The following general rules apply.
Exception conditions should not be generated solely due to non-compliance with AFP/A. When a valid print file is non-compliant with AFP/A, it should always be processed to the best of a receiver’s capabilities. That is, any object, object content, structured field, or structured field triplet that is valid in the general architecture but that is not included in the AFP/A definition, should be processed to the best of a receiver’s capability. For example, a receiver may generate an exception because it detected an error while processing an MCF-1 structured field, but not because the print file claimed to be AFP/A compliant and the MCF-1 structured field is not part of AFP/A.
In general, archiveability is improved by avoiding resolution dependent data since presentation device resolutions will change over time. For example, it is preferable to archive bar code data as a BCOCA object, which is resolution independent, instead of as an image or a raster font.
In AFP/A it is imperative that a single page can be retrieved from a document and viewed or printed exactly as it appears when printed within the context of the complete archived print file. This means that the last invoked medium map (the “active” medium map for the page) shall be known, and the numerical order of the page with respect to the last invoked medium map shall be known. As a result,the following triplets, which are optional in the general MO:DCA architecture and in IS/3, are mandatory on BPG structured fields in AFP/A.
This clause defines the objects that make up an AFP/A data stream (see p. 79 of the MO:DCA Reference for a definition of the syntax used to describe object structure).
NOTE 1 The MO:DCA Begin Print File (BPF) and End Print File (EPF) structured fields are required in an AFP/A data stream.
NOTE 2 The MO:DCA Begin Document (BDT) /FREESPACE2ULSTANDARDSPDF/AS/AS-ISO-18565-2017.rarand End Document (EDT) structured fields are required in an AFP/A data stream.
NOTE 3 The MO:DCA No Operation (NOP) structured field may appear within any begin- end domain and thus is not listed in the structured field groupings.
NOTE 4 Object content shall not include functions that are not in AFP/A. This is, a print file is not AFP/A compliant if it includes such content.
NOTE 5 Table 1 contains summaries of the AFP/A object structure. All syntax, semantics, and notes in the object structure definitions in the M0:DCA Reference, Chapter 4“M0:DCA Objects” apply, unless explicitly specified otherwise.AS ISO 18565 pdf free download.

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