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AS 8005:2020 pdf free

AS 8005:2020 pdf free.Accessories for child restraints used in motor vehicles
The following shall apply:
a) Any net used to restrain an occupant shall be made of webbing in accordance with AS/NZS 1753 in respect of strength and durability, or made from materials which provide the same strength and durability as a webbing net. The longest dimension of each aperture in the net shall be not greater than 40 mm.
(b) Any fabric with holes or netting, excluding netting made of webbing, that is accessible to the occupant when restrained in a vehicle shall not have holes that accept a 5 mm diameter test probe unless the holes or apertures also accept a 12 mm diameter test probe, when tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3629.12.
Metal parts or coated metal parts, when exposed for not less than 50 h to salt spray in accordance with AS 2331.3.1, shall show no significant evidence of base metal corrosion or of blistering of the coating.They shall be operational. Any load-bearing heat-treated ferrous metal part that has been electroplated shall be treated to remove hydrogen embrittlement.
NOTE 1 Significant evidence means base metal corrosion extending more than 3 mm from an edge or from a line scribed through the coating.
NOTE 2 Testing may be performed on individual components or on assemblies.
Any part or material that can be expected to be mouthed or sucked by a child in the child restraint shall conform to the requirements of AS/NZS 8124.3. For the purpose of this Clause, where the word“toy”appears in AS/NZS 8124.3, the word “accessory” shall be substituted.
NOTE Mouthed or sucked parts or materials include seat covers, seat padding, shoulder pads, harness webbing,seat chair material and other accessories.
Fabric items that are accessible to a baby occupant’s mouth when normally restrained shall be resistant to a child chewing on the accessory. These fabric items shall be tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3629.10 without material pieces larger than 25 mm2 in size being separated from the accessory.AS 8005 pdf free.

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