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AS 5812:2017 pdf free

AS 5812:2017 pdf free.Manufacturing and marketing of pet food
It is recognized that with the variety of products and production systems used in the pet food industry, conformance with some of the provisions of this Standard may be achieved through alternative means. Conformance with this Standard by use of such alternatives requires that they provide an equivalent outcome to those specified in the Standard. All processes, whether following the provisions of this Standard or an alternative, shall be validated against a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) based quality
assurance system.
Any written or verbal statement, notice, presentation, illustration or depiction, or labelling,which is directly or indirectly designed to effect the sale of any pet food or to create an interest in the purchase of any such product, whether same appears in a newspaper,magazine or other periodical, in a catalogue, letter or sales promotional literature, in a radio or television broadcast, or in any other media.
Any intentionally added component of pet food not normally consumed as a pet food ingredient, which affects the characteristics of pet food or pets fed with it.
NOTE: It includes a pre-mix which consists only of pet food additive components and micro-organisms, enzymes, acidity regulators, trace elements, vitamins, preservatives, colouring agents,binders, dust suppressants, carriers, flavours and other products fall within the scope of this definition depending on the purpose of use and method of administration.
A nutritive component part or constituent of any combination or mixture making up a pet food. Ingredients may be of plant or animal (including aquatic) origin or other organic or inorganic substances.
The last date on which the food may be consumed safely, provided that it has been stored in accordance with any stated storage conditions.
NOTE: After this date, the food should not be consumed because of health or safety reasons.AS 5812 pdf free.

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