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AS 4700.3:2014 pdf free

AS 4700.3:2014 pdf free.Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.5
This Clause (5.1) provides an introduction to the usage of HL7 messages in the Australian context, and in particular provides a ‘how to’pointer on the subsequent Clauses. This Clause attempts to assist developers to identify appropriate ways to construct messages for a given purpose.
It has been found by some developers when attempting to implement the HL7 Standard that there appear to be either a number of possible ways of passing certain data between systems or applications, or none at all, and that it can take a significant amount of time to search the full Standard for the relevant information. To reduce the complexity of implementing the HL7 Standard in Australia and to encourage use of the Standard, the following steps should be completed:
(a) Identify the participants involved in exchange of prescriptions and related data.
(b) Identify the individual interchanges that need to be handled. These interchange diagrams (footnote linking to diagrams in the Standard) show which messages are used, such as notifying a suspected adverse medicine reaction, placing a prescription with a dispenser, or advising an authority of the usage of controlled substances.
(c) Each interchange diagram shows not only which message to use, but also some of the order control codes to use in the ORC segments.
This version of the Standard has adopted a different approach to previous versions of AS 4700.3 defining the functions in the electronic exchange of prescription data. There are two sets of diagrams: diagrams showing the specific functions in this interchange of prescription data (Clause 5.2.2), and diagrams showing detailed message interactions (Clause 5.2.3) between the respective actors. Actors can be people or information systems.
This Clause, 5.2,details the message interactions between systems for the functions defined. Each diagram in Clause 5.2 details the message and event types used when sending these messages. There are two messages in each diagram; the first is the initiating message and the second is the application acknowledgement message. In HL7 there is also an accept acknowledgement as part of the HL7 paradigm; this is always an ACK message and is not shown in the diagrams for clarity.AS 4700.3 pdf free download.

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