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AS 4430.1:2003 pdf free

AS 4430.1:2003 pdf free.Evaluation of devices, additives and processes which claim to improve vehicle performance
The above test sequence is designed to avoid unnecessary testing in the event that the device, additive or process fails prematurely.
If in the opinion of the tester the engine would be damaged through excessive knock during any phase of the test, the test shall be terminated. Termination of the test during Phase I shall constitute failure of the device, additive or process to meet this Standard.
The test engine shall be prepared prior to conditioning for the fuel test sequence as follows:
(a) Dismantle the test engine, clean and inspect components with particular reference to pistons, cylinder walls, piston rings and clearances, valves and valve seats to ensure their compliance with the engine manufacturer’s specifications. Replace component parts when necessary. The cylinder head shall only be replaced at the commencement of the test sequence. The valve seat inserts shall not be used.
(b) Photograph the pistons, valves, valve seat faces and the combustion chambers in colour.
(c) Measure and record valve seat dimensions to ensure compliance with manufacturer’s specifications.
(d) Reassemble engine block including crank shaft and bearings, pistons and rings,timing gears and chain, oil pump, distributor and covers using new gaskets in accordance with the manufacturer’ s specifications.
(e) Reassemble valves and springs in the cylinder head. Once a set of valves has been selected their individual locations in the head shall not be interchanged throughout the test sequence.
(f) Install the cylinder head on the engine block using a new head gasket and complete the assembly of the engine in accordance with the engine manufacturers specification.
(g) Install the engine on test dynamometer and prepare engine for operation.
(h) Attach instrumentation and data logging system for the required parameters.
(i) Operate test engine at 2000 r/min with 50 Nm dynamometor brake load to stabilize coolant temperature.
(j) Check engine settings and adjust to the engine manufacturer’s specifications where necessary. Record settings. Check head bolt tension and adjust if necessary.AS 4430.1 pdf free download.

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