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AS 4024.2501:2017 pdf free

AS 4024.2501:2017 pdf free.Safety of machinery
When undertaking the elements of the risk assessment, the following parameters are presented as guidance to the range and type of factors that shall be considered for the machine and its associated equipment.
a) The intended use of the machine: Will the machine be used for one specific purpose only, for which the hazards are readily identifiable, or could the machine be used for a wide range of products in many industries (e.g. a pump)?
b) The product type to be processed by the machine: Will the product be already contaminated (e.g. a raw material) or will it be “preserved” or aseptic?
c) The degree of further processing: Will the product processed by the machinery subsequently undergo a further process which functions as a hazard elimination step (e.g. a heat treatment) or is the process for which the machine is intended the final process?
d) Specific application of the product:
1) Is the product to be used by the consumer immediately after processing or is there a product shelf-life in which the severity of the hazard could increase (e.g. relevant microbial growth)?
2) Will the product be used by a specific consumer group to whom the hazard may present a more serious risk (e.g. a baby, elderly or infirm person)?
e) The degree of cleaning, disinfection, pasteurization, sterilization and/or inspection: Is the machine to be cleaned, disinfected, pasteurized, sterilized and/or inspected after every use, routinely during the day, every day, or every week, etc.?
f) The use of the machine: Is the machine likely to be well maintained or used infrequently, is it designed for high or continuous use or is misuse foreseeable?
Surfaces of materials and coatings shall be durable, cleanable and, if necessary, capable of being disinfected, without breaks, resistant to cracking, chipping, flaking, erosion, corrosion and abrasion and prevent penetration of unwanted matter under intended use.AS 4024.2501 pdf free download.

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