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AS 3705:2003 pdf free

AS 3705:2003 pdf free.Geotextiles – ldentification, marking and general data
The information on data sheets, brochures, technical sales literature or similar documents shall include the following minimum requirements:
(a) Trade identification, registered name, and commonly available grades of the product.
(b) Constituents from which the geotextile is manufactured, including the generic names and description of fibres, in accordance with AS 2450.
NOTE: Any special treatments or additives to the constituents applied during or after manufacture, such as antioxidants, ultra violet light stabilizers or coatings may be noted on the data sheet.
(c) Manufacturing characteristics, including the following, as appropriate:
(i) Method of manufacture, i.e., whether it is a woven, a non-woven, a knitted or a composite geotextile.
(ii) Use of continuous filaments or staple fibres, and whether these are mono-component or multi-component.
(iii) For woven fabrics, type of weave (see ISO 3572).
(iv) For non-woven fabrics, bonding method, e.g., needling, thermal, chemical or a combination of these, or other.
(v) For composite fabrics –
(A) method of manufacture of the components; and
(B) generic names, characteristics, properties and relative positions or proportions of elementary components constituting the composite material.
(d) Geotextile test summaries, comprising mean and standard deviation values for the following tests:
(i) Grab tensile strength, in newtons, in accordance to AS 2001.2.3.2.
(ii) Wide strip tensile strength, in kilo newtons, in accordance with AS 3706.2.
(e) Geotextile mean values only, for the following tests:
(i) Mass per unit area, in grams per square metre (g/m2),and thickness in millimetres (mm) in accordance with AS 3706.1.
(ii) Equivalent pore size, in microns, in accordance with AS 3706.7.
(iii) Permittivity, per second (s”), in accordance with AS 3706.9.
(f) The form in which the product is sold, including the following:
(i) Standard manufacturing width, in metres.
(ii) Standard roll length, if applicable, in metres.
(iii) Mass of standard rolls, in kilograms.
(iv) Diameter of standard rolls, in metres.
(v) Whether the roll is available in seamed or joined form and, if so, the dimensions of the components and method of joining.AS 3705 pdf free download.

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