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AS 3610.1:2018 pdf free

AS 3610.1:2018 pdf free.Formwork for concrete
The project documentation shall include the following information:
(a) Plans, clevations and sections showing details and dimensions of the clements to be formed.
(b) Details of any inserts, waterstops, special purpose form ties, specially formed shapes,or penetrations to be constructed, that are critical to the serviceability of the permanent structure.
(c) Information on specified concrete ingredients or admixtures that may affect the concrete finish by, but not limited to-
(i) retarding or accelerating the setting time of the concrete including artificial heating or cooling;
(ii) causing excessive blow holes on the surface of the concrete; and
(iii) increasing colour or tonal variability.
(d) Structural details consistent with the architectural requirements.
The project documentation shall include the following information, where applicable:
(a) ldentification of class of surface finish:
(i) The class of surface finish and if colour control is applicable for the formed face of each clement in the notation format as required under Clause 3.2.2 and as applicable under Clause 3.2.3.
(ii) The details set out in Table 2.2.3 relating to surface finish, colour control, critical elements, tolerances and repairs, where relevant, for all surfaces of the permanent structure.
(iii) Where an ‘X’ suffix is used as permitted in Clause 3.2, all relevant information relating to-
(A) any additional feature not covered by this Standard; or
(B) the relaxation of the requirements of this Standard (see Table Row 3, Table, Clause and Clause 3.5.2).
(b) Physical quality:
(i) Critical face of elements (see Clause 3.3.2).
(ii) Concrete surfaces where light shines across the surface at a flat angle,particularly in the case of smooth glossy finishes (see Clause
(iii) If the requirements for Class 2 are relaxed to permit the use of modular panel frames that leave imprints in the concrete surface (see Table Row 3).
(iv) Where tolerances in AS 3600 govern because they are more stringent than those specified in this Standard (see Clause 3.3.5).AS 3610.1 pdf free download.

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