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AS 2980:2004 pdf free

AS 2980:2004 pdf free.Qualification of welders for fusion welding of steels
This Standard defines the qualification test of welders for the welding of steels. It provides a set of technical rules for a systematic qualification test of the welder, and enables such qualifications to be uniformly accepted independently of the type of product, location and examiner/examining body.
When qualifying manual welders, the emphasis is placed on the welder’s ability to manually manipulate the clectrode/welding torch and thereby to produce a weld of acceptable quality.
This Standard is intended to complement existing Standards such as AS 1796 and AS/NZS 3992 whilst enhancing the requirements for the qualification of welders from the previous edition of AS 2980 in accordance with international expectations. It does not deal
with the certification of welders.
NOTE: Certification of welder is covered by AS 1796.
The qualification tests prescribed in this Standard are intended to provide a method to qualify welders for the welding of steel structures; however, they may also be suitable for the qualification of welders for other applications by agreement. These tests are not intended to be used as a guide for welding during actual construction. The latter should be performed in accordance with the requirements of a welding procedure specification (WPS) produced for the purpose.
This Standard deals specifically with qualifications for welders using manual or semi-automatic welding equipment and includes requirements for welders using mechanized or fully automatic equipment.
NOTE: Where a welder fails the specified tests, the performance may be used as a basis for measuring the value of further training.
(a) For visual and destructive tests Examiners assessing test plates and test pieces ; in accordance with Clauses 4.3.1 to 4.3.4 holding a qualification as a welding supervisor (or higher) or welding inspector. Suitable qualifications are given in AS/NZS 1554 and its parts.
(b) For radiographic and ultrasonic examination Examiners undertaking assessments in accordance with Clauses 4.3.5 or 4.3.6 holding an appropriate qualification at NDT Level 2 or higher, issued in accordance with AS 3998 (ISO 9712).AS 2980 pdf free download.

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