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AS 2706:2003 pdf free

AS 2706:2003 pdf free.Numerical values – Rounding and interpretation of limiting values
The number of significant figures in a given value is defined as the number of figures obtained by counting to the right from the leftmost non-zero figure inclusive. Normally, the rightmost figure counted is the rightmost figure given. Exceptionally, where the value is given as terminating in one or more zeros, the known or implied accuracy shall be considered before it can be decided how many of the zeros are to be counted.
The number of decimal places in a given value is normally defined as the number of places traversed in moving from the decimal sign to a point immediately to the right of the last figure given.
1 The word ‘significant’ in the term ‘significant figures’ has a technical meaning that is not always the same as that in the term ‘physical significance’ .
2 The use of a specified number of decimal places to ensure a certain degree of accuracy or precision is not always satisfactory. The use of a specified number of significant figures is much preferred. It eliminates confusion, which can arise if a different unit is chosen.
Uncertainty is a parameter, associated with the result of a measurement that characterizes the dispersion of the values that could reasonably be attributed to the measurand.
1 The paramcter may bc, for cxamplc, a standard deviation (or a givcn multiplc of it), or the half-width of an interval having a stated level of confidence.
2 Uncertainty of measurement comprises, in general, many components. Some of these components may be evaluated from the statistical distribution of the results of series of measurements and can be characterized by experimental standard deviations. The other components, which can also be characterized by standard deviations, are evaluated from assumed probability distributions based on experience or other information.
3 It is understood that the result of the measurement is the best estimate of the value of the measurand, and that all components of uncertainty, inc luding those arising from systematic effects, such as components associated with corrections and reference standards, contribute to the dispersion.
4 This definition is that of ISO GUM Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement’ in which its rationale is detailed (see in particular 2.2.4 and annex D [10] of ISO GUM). AS 2706 pdf free.

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