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AS 2542.2.5:2014 pdf free

AS 2542.2.5:2014 pdf free.Sensory analysis
The assessor first evaluates and becomes acquainted with reference sample ‘A’. A series of samples is then presented, of which some are identical with reference sample‘A’and some are test samples‘not A’’. For each sample in the series, the assessor is required to determine whether it is the same as‘A’or whether it is different, i.e. ‘not A’.
The‘A- -not A’test is a forced choice test, in which the assessor must state whether each test sample is the same as, or different from, reference sample‘A’.
At the start of the test the assessors are presented with reference sample‘’A’ so that they may familiarize themselves with it. It may be desirable to hold a preliminary discussion between assessors and test supervisor on the test and the nature of the samples, provided that this discussion cannot bias the assessors’ judgments.
After familiarization with reference sample‘A’’, the assessors shall evaluate a series of samples in accordance with the following requirements:
(a) All the ‘not A’samples in a series shall be of the same food product, i.e. different test products shall not be mixed.
NOTE: There is a variation of the‘A- -not A’test which permits the presentation of‘not A’ samples of the same product type but which are themselves different.
(b) A series may contain different numbers of samples of‘A’and‘not A’, but in a test each assessor shall receive the identical series (i.e. containing the same respective number of‘A’and ‘not A’samples).
(c) The order of presentation of the‘A’ and‘not A’samples shall be random, and the order shall be different for each assessor.
(d) According to the nature of the sample, it may be necessary, in order to avoid effects of sensory adaptation, to present successive samples in the series with a specified time interval between each sample.
(e) The assessors shall evaluate each sample in the order presented and, before testing the next sample, record on the answer form provided whether the sample is’A’or ‘not A’.
NOTE: Specimen answer forms are illustrated in Appendix A.AS 2542.2.5 pdf free download.

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