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AS 1012.24:2015 pdf free

AS 1012.24:2015 pdf free.Methods of testing concrete
The site of the core drilling shall be examined, so as to avoid the presence of any steel reinforcement, thoroughly clean the surface and photograph prior to drilling.
Commence drilling with the diamond coring barrel with an axis normal to the surface and continue to drill through the repair material or strengthening system to a depth of at least 15 mm beyond the repair and into the concrete substrate below. Carefully remove the diamond coring barrel without damaging the core and leaving it intact with an annulus around the core.
Clean the dolly using the grinding equipment as necessary, then degrease and dry the side of the dolly onto which the adhesive is to be applied. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the surface of the specimen so that the adhesive will form a uniform layer between the dolly and the outer surface of the core. Be particularly careful to ensure that no adhesive shall penetrate into the annulus clearance made by the coring barrel.
NOTE: A paper towel or fine rag may be used to temporarily protect the annulus space from adhesive.
Place the dolly on the core face so that the centre of the dolly coincides with the centre of the core. Apply sufficient pressure to the dolly to expel air, carefully and immediately removing any extruded adhesive. Allow the adhesive to harden in accordance with the
adhesive manufacturer’s instructions.
For each test location, the load at failure is valid for all combinations of failure type, except where an abnormal failure occurs. An abnormal failure is where the adhesive layer fails prematurely; in this event the tensile bond strength for that location shall not be calculated.
NOTE: Abnormal failures may suggest the adhesive is unsuitable for use with the repair product or system under test and the manufacturer’ s advice should be obtained.
The tensile bond strength for the repair or strengthening system shall then be determined by obtaining the mean of a minimum of three normal test results. If many abnormal failures occur, as defined in Clause 6.5, further sites shall be prepared and tested until the required minimum number of test results is obtained.AS 1012.24 pdf free download.

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