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PD ISO TR 18161:2013 pdf free.Automation systems and integration
An AIME represents capabilities provided by a set of resources of an application in order to exchange information with another set of resources associated with another application.The set of AIMEs that represents the resource capabilities that meet the information exchange requirements to support the interoperability of two applications comprises a key part of an ADME.ADME that qualifies interoperability relationship between two applications is elaborated in Figure 2.Clause A.1 has an example of an integrated application which describes the smart pump application.
The capability profiles of MSUs are obtained by flling adequate capability templates. Annex C shows the examples of capability profiles for the smart pump applications.
The purpose of the ADME is to describe the interoperability and integration requirements that are required by the applications. The general concept of an ADME is to model the information exchanges between applications using the application interoperability profile (AIP) notation as described in ISO 15745-1. The ADME supports the information exchange between the applications based upon the capabilities identified in the AIMEs. The complete set of AIMEs that represents the information exchange requirements for realizing the interoperability of two applications comprises an ADME.
The context for the information should be established using the application domain of interest as described in ISO 18435-1.
A manufacturing process is modelled as a set of activities that follow a specific sequence. Each activity is associated with a set of functions. The functions are implemented by manufacturing resources, such as MSUs shown as the left part of Figure 3. These MSUs enable information exchanges associated with the functions performed.
Context for the information exchange can be derived from the activities and capability class structure (CCS) shown in Figure 3. Clause A.2 has an example of CCS for the smart pump application. According to an ISO 16100 methodology, each capability class has a capability template. Examples of capability templates for the smart pump application are shown in Annex B.PD ISO TR 18161 pdf download.

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