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ISO TS 80004-6:2013 pdf free

ISO TS 80004-6:2013 pdf free.Nanotechnologies一Vocabulary一Nano-object characterization
method in which an electron spectrometer (4.13) is used to measure the energy distribution of Auger electrons (4.15) emitted from a surface
Note 1 to entry: An electron beam in the energy range 2 keV to 30 keV is often used for excitation of the Auger electrons. Auger electrons can also be excited with X-rays, ions and other sources but the term Auger electron spectroscopy, without additional qualifiers, is usually reserved for electron-beam-induced excitation. Where an X-ray source is used, the Auger electron energies are referenced to the Fermi level but, where an electron beam is used, the reference may either be the Fermi level or the vacuum level. Spectra conventionally may be presented in the direct or differential forms.[SOURCE: ISO 18115-1, definition 4.1]
method in which an electron spectrometer (4.13) is used to measure the energy distribution of photoelectrons emitted from a surface irradiated by ultraviolet photons
Note 1 to entry: Ultraviolet sources in common use include various types of discharges that can generate the resonance lines of various gases (e.g. the He I and He II emission lines at energies of 21,2 eV and 40,8 eV,respectively). For variable energies, synchrotron radiation is used.[SOURCE: ISO 18115-1, definition 4.22]
method in which a high-temperature discharge generated in flowing argon by an alternating magnetic field induced by a radio-frequency (RF) load coil that surrounds the tube carrying the gas is detected using a mass spectrometer [SOURCE: ISO 15202-3:2004, definition 3.3.7, modified]
method in which a mass spectrometer is used to measure the mass-to-charge quotient and abundance of secondary ions emitted from a sample as a result of bombardment by energetic ions
Note 1 to entry: SIMS is, by convention, generally classified as dynamic, in which the material surface layers are continually removed as they are being measured, and static, in which the ion areic dose during measurement is restricted to less than 1016 ions/m2 in order to retain the surface in an essentially undamaged state.[SOURCE: ISO 18115-1, definition 4.17].ISO TS 80004-6 pdf download.

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