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ISO TS 20460:2015 pdf free

ISO TS 20460:2015 pdf free.Paper and board – Automated on-line testing
The online measuring equipment
a) should be calibrated or verified, or both, at specified intervals or prior to use, against international or national measurement standards. Where no such standards exist, the basis used for calibration or verification shall be recorded, the stand-alone equipment being taken as the basis;
b) shall be calibrated or verified, or both, at specified intervals or prior to use, against internal measurement standards; results shall be maintained,
c) shall be adjusted or readjusted as necessary,
d) shall have identification in order to display its calibration status, and
e) shall, as a minimum, fulfil the repeatability of the standalone measuring system.
The following requirements for evaluation of the consistency of the measurement process shall be fulfilled.
a) Report graphically the results of the gauge reading of reference material.These reference material measurements, consolidated versus time or sample number, may be understood as an evaluation of reproducibility. ISO 22514-7 describes the capability ratio QMP for the measuring process. QMP is defined as the expanded uncertainty 4σ of measuring process divided by the production process interval (upper limit minus lower limit). According to ISO 22514-7, it is recommended that the capability ratio of a measurement process does not exceed 30 %. A study of the consistency of a measurement process requires a minimum of five samples and 30 measurements, and includes confirmation of the long term stability. Another approach to evaluating reproducibility is through comparison of the results of the measurement process with information and data from other sources. As an example, through comparison of grammage results from an online gauge with those obtained from the weight of a jumbo reel.
b) Draw an SPC (Statistical Process Control) control chart. A simplified CUSUM (cumulative sum) control chart should be used, as described in Annex B.
NOTE ISO 7870-4:2011 provides statistical procedures for setting up CUSUM schemes for process and quality control using variables (measured) and attribute data. It describes general-purpose methods of decision-making using CUSUM techniques for monitoring, control and retrospective analysis.[2]
c) Set a maximum acceptable level for the deviation of the results of the measurement process and, if necessary, make adjustments to the online gauge.
d) Possibly review the sampling size and intervals.ISO TS 20460 pdf download.

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