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ISO TS 17931:2013 pdf free

ISO TS 17931:2013 pdf free.Intelligent transport systems
An application may display Points Features, Lines Features, Areas Features, Cartographic Text and Symbols for a specified geographic area. This may include roads, physical features, administrative boundaries, and names for all of these. Text and symbols can be positioned on a display to annotate this map.
The Map Display function provides cartographic data that can be used to display a map of any application specified arbitrarily-oriented rectangle in the database. The data consist of the following database entities to support a variety of map drawing styles: Cartographic Features, Cartographic Text and Symbols.
The application may allow the map to be zoomed in or out. The application may display different levels of detail on a map display based on the zoom level. The application may allow the map to be rotated and scrolled. When scrolling, if detailed data are not available, the application may automatically zoom the map out to a level where data are available. The application may allow the end-user to access additional information by selecting objects on the display. The application may display multiple windows.Generating map images and managing displays are beyond the scope of this function.
To facilitate data access speed, this application groups cartographic data into levels. The higher levels contain only the more significant cartographic features. The set of cartographic data is also selectable by level.
“Positioning”seeks a position and orientation of a navigation system relative to the transportation network with respect to the map data representing the real world. An application may dynamically determine the navigation system’s current position while the navigation system is in motion. Map Matching can continue “in the background” even while other functions are being performed so the navigation system always “knows where it is”, with an accuracy depending on the map-matching. Map Matching algorithms are beyond the scope of this Technical Specification.ISO TS 17931 pdf download.

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