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ISO TR 9774:1990 pdf free

ISO TR 9774:1990 pdf free.Thermal-insulation materials一Application categories and basic requirements
When standards or speci fications are established or existing stan-dards are revised on the basis of this Technical Report, the minimum per-formance characteristics of this Technical Report should in the standards or specifications be translated into product requirements (specified va1- ues ) together with appropriate test methods, which must be ful filled at the time of delivery, in order to ensure that the product fulfills the per formance requirements in service. This relationship between speci fied values for the product and the service performance characteristic of the product in use can be different for different insulating “products, depend-ing on the characteristic of the material (e.g. aging or time-dependent behaviour)●Not each basic requirement needs to be specified in each product standard, if it is obvious that certain requirements are always fulfilled that several requirements can be covered by one specified property.
This Technical Report applies on1y to pre fabricated thermal insu-lating products. Products are any manufactured mats and boards in-cluding any facings or coverings, which may be present. The basic char-acteristics may also be applied to other insulation products, e.g. in situ, in systems or components, where appropriate.
The Technical Report covers only thermal insulating products for use in buildings within normal climatic conditions. It does not cover insu-lating products for building services, e.g. plumbing, heating and not for industrial use.
Acoustic properties are not included in the properties given in this Technical Report, although these may be additionally required for some application fields.
A review of the most common applications of thermal insulating products in di fferent structures of roofs, walls, ceilings and foundations is given in Table 1. The applications are illustrated in more detail in Figure 1.
The purpose. of Figure 1 is only to illustrate the applications for the various insulating products and to assist in relating the per formance characteristics for the products to their application. The Figure will also assist in determining requirements for other applications not listed.ISO TR 9774 pdf download.

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