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ISO TR 5660-3:2003 pdf free

ISO TR 5660-3:2003 pdf free.Reaction-to-fire tests一Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate
Rate of heat release is one of the fundamental properties of fire and should almost always be taken into account in any assessment of fire hazard. Heat release significantly affects fire growth. Considerable progress has been made in methods of using rate of heat release and ignition time results from the cone calorimeter to predict full scale fire characteristics such as time to flashover in a small room lined with the tested product and exposed to a high energy fire source such as that used in ISO 9705[3].
The design of the instrument also provides for measurement of smoke (both gravimetrically and optically) and other gaseous products of pyrolysis or combustion. The instrument may thus be applied to the assessment of real fire hazards such as smoke and toxic and corrosive gas emission in addition to heat release, particularly when the results are expressed in terms of fundamental physically-based rather than ad hoc parameters.
When functioning purely as a rate of heat release apparatus the parameter which is measured in the plume from the specimen is the concentration of oxygen. T emperature measurements are made, but these are not used to measure the heat output from the specimen in the manner of a conventional calorimeter. This is a crucial point in understanding heat release by oxygen consumption calorimetry. The theory of oxygen consumption calorimetry is discussed in more detail in Clause 11.
The instrument is limited to bench scale specimens and it uses a simple fire model which provides continuous free ventilation and removal of the products of partial and complete combustion. Specimen behaviour during the experiment such as shrinking and swelling can be tolerated if this happens within small margins, but if the specimen intumesces so that it touches the igniter or the cone, or if it exhibits spalling, this behaviour will invalidate the results generated.ISO TR 5660-3 pdf download.

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