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ISO TR 23462:2007 pdf free

ISO TR 23462:2007 pdf free.Space systems一Guidelines to define the management framework for a space project
This Technical Report provides a framework within which an organization can establish the basis for the development of programme/project management specifications and plans when undertaking the execution of a specific programme/project. It enables the programme/project manager to establish the criteria for programme/project success and to secure the organization’s commitment to the programme/project manager’s management approach for the overall programme/project and its constituent elements. It includes guidelines leading to the establishment of a programme/project management framework, and identification of practices to be applied. Following these guidelines also results in traceability of the considerations and decisions on why and how the programme/project is conducted according to its specific characteristics.
This Technical Report provides a holistic approach for programme/project managers to apply their organization’s programme/project management practices when defining the management framework for programme/project planning. It is based on a systematic method of
– defining the programme/project objectives and success criteria,
– identifying and elaborating the specific characteristics of their programme/project,
– specifying the management elements needed,
– establishing and agreeing the management approaches to be implemented,
– compiling these into a programme/project management framework document.
The guidelines in this Technical Report are applicable to any organization undertaking the execution of space programmes/projects.
The process and the steps involved in the preparation of the programme/project management framework are illustrated in the flowchart in Figure 1
This flowchart guides the programme/project manager, the project team and other actors through the inter-disciplinary and iterative activities of defining objectives, characterization and planning for the performance of the functions relevant to each identified programme/project management element. The approaches incorporated into the programme/project management framework document, which are subject to agreement by the organization hierarchy, support actors and customers where applicable.
The guidelines in this section are numbered. Each numbered guideline is composed of the wording of the guidelines proper, and accompanied by an explanatory text attached to the general guideline (aim) and to the expected output.ISO TR 23462 pdf download.

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