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ISO TR 20983:2003 pdf free

ISO TR 20983:2003 pdf free.Information and documentation – Performance indicators for electronic library services
The networked environment provides a different frame of reference for the provision of services: the boundaries between internal and external provision are different. For example, consider document delivery. In traditional library services this is represented by the interlending of physical documents between libraries. In the electronic world, document delivery is accomplished using a network. The network may be provided by a variety of external providers. Special equipment has to be installed in the libraries at both ends of document delivery process and staff have to be trained to use it. The suppliers of documents may be publishers or libraries; the end users may be directly in communication with the suppliers.
Again, the provision of equipment within the organisation of which the library forms a part, may be outside the library’s own control: however, the library’s performance may be judged on its service delivery even though it does not control some of the infrastructure essential to the delivery of the service.
It is because the boundaries within which electronic services operate differ from those in which traditional library services operate that comparisons between traditional and electronic library services are difficult, if not impossible. Since the extent to which different libraries have adopted electronic library services will differ the ncomparisons between libraries are increasingly difficult. The position is further complicated by the changes in expectations, experience and behaviour of users and of publishers. New generations of users will increasingly, at least in the developed world, be familiar with the use of computers and Internet applications generally and will expect electronic services as a matter of course. There will, however be for some considerable time significant numbers of older users who are less familiar with the concepts and practice of computer usage and will need careful support if they are not to be disadvantaged.
On the other hand, publishers are operating in a variety of ways to deal with the possibilities of electronic publishing. Long established practices in the supply of printed materials do not operate in the same way when original works are often generated in electronic format. The economics of publication in electronic formats are significantly different from those in printed formats and different charging models are being tried. The preferred format varies for electronic publications between types of publication, and may also vary from year to year; and the financial arrangements between library and publisher also vary between publications and from year to year.ISO TR 20983 pdf download.

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