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ISO TR 20694:2018 pdf free

ISO TR 20694:2018 pdf free.A typology of language registers
Language registers are varieties of language where one person can have more than one type of language at their command, sometimes called their ‘verbal repertoire’. Individuals are often able to vary their register according to different circumstances or environments which can depend on social attitudes, as well as geographic issues, which are covered by dialect and accent. Use of different language registers can be prescribed and proscribed for some environments, either through education and conformity to social norms, or, increasingly, through adherence to guidelines in various professional settings such as translation or publishing environments.
No individual has a perfect grasp of all possible language registers used in their language community.However, an individual’s ability to understand a wide variety of registers and their social significance is greater than their ability to use, speak or write in these registers. Some higher registers are formal markers of learned environments, and lack of mastery of these registers is therefore taken as an indicator of a lack of education. Individuals from deprived backgrounds are sometimes characterized as having less mastery of different language registers, with this holding back their prospects of well-paid jobs. Thus, the active teaching of different language registers and the appropriate context for their use, is sometimes advocated.
The understanding and appropriate use of different language registers is also important in second language teaching, where errors of register mark students out as not being proficient even where their accent, vocabulary and grammar are exemplary. Understanding of register is also important in translation work, where the translator needs to translate into a similar register unless instructed otherwise. Different language registers also need to be kept separate in translation memories,otherwise texts of mixed language registers can result, leading to incongruity and lack of consistency.ISO TR 20694 pdf free download.

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