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ISO TR 19733:2019 pdf free

ISO TR 19733:2019 pdf free.Nanotechnologies – Matrix of properties and measurement techniques for graphene
material, consisting of one or several layers with the atoms in each layer strongly bonded to neighbouring atoms in the same layer, which has one dimension, its thickness, in the nanoscale or smaller, and the other two dimensions generally at larger scales
Note 1 to entry: The number of layers when a two-dimensional material becomes a bulk material varies depending on both the material being measured and its properties. In the case of graphene layers, it is a two dimensional material up to 10 layers thick for electrical measurements[3][4], beyond which the electrical properties of the material are not distinct from those for the bulk (also known as graphite).
Note 2 to entry: Interlayer bonding is distinct from and weaker than intralayer bonding.
Note 3 to entry: Each layer may contain more than one element.
Note 4 to entry: A two-dimensional material can be a nanoplate.
Table 1 is a matrix that links the key properties of graphene and related two-dimensional (2D) materials to commercially available measurement techniques. The matrix includes measurement techniques to characterize chemical, physical, electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical properties of graphene and related 2D materials. There are many other techniques that are being used to study graphene and related 2D materials but here we include only those that are widely used and widely commercially available.
Some of techniques in the matrix may not be suitable to all forms of graphene and related 2D materials but can be applied only to a certain form, such as in sheets, powder, or dispersion. It is also possible to produce different measurement results using these techniques depending on the synthesizing methods of graphene and related 2D materials to be characterized, such as chemical vapour deposition (CVD),mechanical exfoliation, or others. The appropriate forms, synthesizing method and sample preparation of graphene or related 2D materials that each technique is applicable to will be specified in individual standards to be developed in future in accordance with this document.ISO TR 19733 pdf download.

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