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ISO TR 19478-2:2015 pdf free

ISO TR 19478-2:2015 pdf free.ISO and Health Canada intense smoking parameters
The results of the collaborative study described in ISO/TR 19478-1 had shown the reproducibility of the NFDPM yield measurements from 10 products collected under the HCI smoking regime and measured in many laboratories, were worse than when using the ISO regime. This finding was supported by other collaborative studies run by the WHO TobLabNet and by CORESTA[1] as summarized in A.11. The range of products to which this conclusion can be applied was widened to include products of 16 mm to  18 mm in circumference (super slims) in a further small study (A.20). The ISO WG 10 TNCO study data set has also been used to discuss the problems with statistical outlier analysis when combining data from rotary and linear machines which give different measured water yields.[2][3]
Apart from the increased puff volume and frequency specified for the HCI regime, it is also necessary to block 100 % of the ventilation on the cigarette filter. The Health Canada Method T-115 specifies overwrapping the filter with “invisible” tape (adhesive cellophane tape) to block the ventilation holes in the cigarette filter but special cigarette holders have also been developed to achieve the same outcome.The overwrapping of filters with adhesive tape was investigated (A.19) to eliminate it as a potential cause of the increased measurement variability and another study (A.15) showed that taping and using specially designed vent blocking cigarette holders gave similar yields.
In order that the increased yield resulting from the much increased smoking intensity of the HCI regime does not overload the CFP when using a linear machine with the 44 mm CFP (ISO 4387 specifies a maximum load of 150 mg), three cigarettes are smoked per smoking run rather than five. Another study (A.23) confirmed the 150 mg limit for the ISO regime but found it could be doubled when using the HCI regime.ISO TR 19478-2 pdf download.

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