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ISO TR 17098:2013 pdf free

ISO TR 17098:2013 pdf free.Packaging material recycling – Report on substances and materials which may impede recycling
A viable recycling system requires, in the first place, a well-functioning market for the recycled materials. The recycled materials need to meet the requirements of the identified applications, and the supply of used packaging has to be sufficiently continuous and stable in order to sustain an industrial recycling operation. Furthermore, the collection and sorting schemes have to be designed and managed for delivering the required fractions of used packaging fit for recycling.
The performance of a recycling system typically depends on a number of elements. These are the design, production, distribution, and use of packaging placed on the market, as well as the collection and sorting of used packaging and subsequent recycling operations for the identified applications of the recycled materials. Not all recycling technologies are widely available or used in all regions and countries.
The recovery of used packaging by material recycling is largely influenced by the materials used for packaging and the condition in which they arrive at the recycling operations, notably the presence of impurities such as product residues and extraneously introduced materials. This Technical Report provides examples covering the main packaging materials and can be used as a guide for taking into account substances and materials that may be incorporated in packaging and which may or do inhibit subsequent operations related to recycling.
In providing examples of substances and materials that may impede recycling, a number of key issues need to be considered. These include:
一the specific composition of the packaging (or packaging components), including base materials used;
一the physical characteristics of the packaging, such as shape, colour, volume, weight, dimensions, and (non) detachable pieces;
一the mix of packaging materials in the collection stream;
一the collection/sorting and recycling operations available in the location where the packaging completes its functional life;
一the residues of the packaging contents and extraneous contamination resulting from the use of the packaging, or from the collection and sorting processes. 一The contamination may be very small in quantity but can result in a disproportionate problem;
一the ease with which constituents or contaminants which may impede recycling can be separated from the materials to be recycled;
一the specifications for a new product made from the used packaging, including quality and functionality.
一The examples in Clause 5 include data from current and typical specifications associated with used packaging supplied for recycling on a commercial and practical basis. It should be noted that these specifications may vary from location to location.ISO TR 17098 pdf download.

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