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ISO IEC TR 38504:2016 pdf free

ISO IEC TR 38504:2016 pdf free.Governance of information technology
The end objective of the adoption of governance to IT is the fulfilment of strategic business objectives and the achievement of positive business outcomes, enabled by IT. However, adopting governance principles for IT should result in the establishment of a system of governance, involving both the action of the governing body and of managers operating within a governance framework and will lead to the achievement of beneficial business outcomes as depicted in Figure 1.
This document proposes that principles-based guidance clearly identifies appropriate governance behaviours and the outcomes that are the direct results of the adoption of the specified principles as a basis for assessing and improving governance of IT and the system of governance in place.
A principles-based guidance document should contain all of the principles that are relevant and advice on the consistent and complete application of these. Failure to comprehensively apply any of the principles may lead to sub- optimal outcomes. Advice should encourage the organization’s leaders to deeply consider each of the principles and how they will become part of the core culture of the organization.
It may be difficult to develop guidance that attributes business outcomes directly to a specific principle of governance of IT. Business outcomes are generally relatively specific to individual businesses or industries and there are other factors that influence successful achievement, including organizational capability and external factors such as competition.
One option that can be taken is to express the relationship in generic terms as a basis for guidance.However, when establishing the principles for governance of IT and in communicating principles-based guidance, the potential relationship between the desired governance behaviours, the desired IT-related enablers, other important organizational factors and possible business outcomes should be understood and articulated to the fullest extent possible as a basis for developing guidance for the implementation of governance of IT.ISO IEC TR 38504 pdf download.

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