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ISO IEC TR 30166:2020 pdf free

ISO IEC TR 30166:2020 pdf free.Internet of things (loT) – Industrial loT
Due to the rapidly growing demand for big-data analytics, industrial applications undergo increased risks for data disclosure and privacy violations. Thus, a standardized approach/framework is required that takes the sensitivity of data into account.
EXAMPLE: Several industrial companies share the use of the same application and need access to big-data analytics data for various reasons. This predicts existence of a large number of users with different access privileges. To achieve anonymization of data, special roles need to be taken into consideration and analysed.
Although automation in manufacturing is clearly changing, only few industries have adopted advanced automation solutions in their production environment. Reasons are various. Many research projects focused on solving highly specific problems while neglecting other technological issues. At the same time, manufacturers are quite conservative in adopting new technologies with their legacy systems and processes since the implementation of lloT systems and new communication protocols has a big impact on the production systems, not only on the technical dimension of the factory but also on system’s performance, work organization and business strategy. One of the key challenges is the lack of standardized holistic and smooth strategies to support manufacturers in their migration towards adoption of lloT.
EXAMPLE: The EU PERFoRM project [7] [18][20] has developed a holistic migration approach based on a stepwise process. In fact, only a stepwise approach can mitigate the risk related to the implementation of non-well-known solutions (here: lloT) in existing production systems, especially when the way forward and the target condition of the migration are unclear and uncertain. The approach in Figure 4 supports the continuous improvement,adaptation to changes and innovation of a system by generating a set of intermediate steps towards the long-term vision of Smart Factory,envisioned by the Industrie 4.0 paradigm, which decomposes the migration path in incremental steps (a). This approach is supported by a 5-phase migration process (b), which has been developed for the identification, design and execution of the migration steps towards the long-term goal following an iterative and incremental approach.ISO IEC TR 30166 pdf download.

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