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ISO IEC IEEE 15288:2015 pdf free

ISO IEC IEEE 15288:2015 pdf free.Systems and software engineering – System life cycle processes
The requirements in this International Standard are contained in Clause 6 and Annex A.ISO IEC IEEE 15288 provides requirements for a number of processes suitable for usage during the life cycle of a system or product. It is recognized that particular projects or organizations may not need to use all of the processes provided by this Intemational Standard. Therefore, implementation of this Intemational Standard typically involves selecting and declaring a set of processes suitable to the organization or project. There are two ways that an implementation can be claimed to conform to the provisions of this Intermational Standard – full conformance and tailored conformance.
There are two criteria for claiming full conformance. Achieving either criterion suffices for conformance,although the chosen criterion (or criteria) is to be stated in the claim. Claiming full conformance to tasks”asserts that all of the requirements of the activities and tasks of the declared set of processes are achieved.
Alternatively, claiming“full conformance to outcomes” asserts that all of the required outcomes of the declared set of processes are achieved. Full conformance to outcomes permits greater freedom in the implementation of conforming processes and may be useful for implementing processes to be used in the context of an innovative life cycle model.
NOTE 1 Options for conformance are provided for needed flexibility in the application of this International Standard. Each process has a set of objectives (phrased as “outcomes”) and a set of activities and tasks that represent one way to achieve the objectives.
NOTE 2 Users who implement the activities and tasks of the declared set of processes can assert full conformance to tasks of the selected processes. Some users, however, might have innovative process variants that achieve the objectives (i.e., the outcomes) of the declared set of processes without implementing all of the activities and tasks. These users can assert full conformance to the outcomes of the declared set of processes.” The two criteria- conformance to task and conformance to outcome- are necessarily not equivalent since specific performance of activities and tasks may require, in some cases, a higher level of capability than just the achievement of outcomes.
NOTE 3 When ISO IEC IEEE 15288 is used to help develop an agreement between an acquirer and a supplier, clauses of this International Standard can be selected for incorporation in the agreement with or without modification. In this case, it is more appropriate for the acquirer and suppier to claim compliance with the agreement than conformance with this Intemational Standard.ISO IEC IEEE 15288 pdf download.

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