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ISO IEC 9796:1991 pdf free

ISO IEC 9796:1991 pdf free.Information technology一Security techniques
ISO IEC 9796 specifies a digital signature scheme giving message recovery for messages of limited length and using a public-key system.
This digital signature scheme includes
一a signature process using a secret signature key and a signature function for signing messages ;
一a verification process using a public verification key and a verification function for checking signatures while recovering messages.
During the signature process, messages to be signed are padded and extended if necessary. Artificial redundancy is then added, depending upon the message itself. No assumption is made as to the possible presence of natural redundancy in the messages. The artificial redundancy is revealed by the verification process. The removal of this artificial redundancy gives message recovery.
This International Standard does not specify the key production process, the signature function and the verification function. Annex A gives an example of a public-key system including key production, signature function and verification function. The various steps of these operations are ilustrated by examples in annex B.
Some parameters in the scheme are related to security: this International Standard does not specify the values to be used in order to reach a given level of security.
However, ISO IEC 9796 is specified in such a way as to minimize the required changes in its use if some of these parameters have to be modified.
Each signing entity shall use and keep secret its own signature key corresponding to its own public verification key.
Mossages to be signed shall be padded and ext anded if necessary. Redundancy is then added according to rules specified in clause 5. From the extended messages with redundancy, signatures shall be computed using the secret signature key as specified in clause 5.
Each verifying entity should know and use the public verification key specific to the signing entity. A signature shall be accepted if and only if the verification process specified in clause 6 is successful.
NOTE – The production and the distribution of keys fall outside the scope of ISO IEC 9796.ISO IEC 9796 pdf download.

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