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ISO IEC 7816-15:2016 pdf free

ISO IEC 7816-15:2016 pdf free.Identification cards – Integrated circuit cards
The providerld component, if present, shall contain an object identifier uniquely identifying the CIA provider.
The odfPath and cialnfoPath components shall, if present, contain paths to elementary files EF .OD and EF. CIAInfo respectively or to constructed data bjects nesting these files’ respective contents. This provides a way for issuers to use non-standard file identifiers for these files or, alternatively, data objects tags without sacrificing interoperability. If data objects are employed, they shall be constructed without control parameter template (see ISO/IEC 7816-4). It also provides card issuers with the opportunity to share CIAInfo files between CIAs,when several CIAS reside on one card. The aid component shall, if present, indicate the application to which this CIA applies.’ The securityFileOrObject optional extension of CIODDO container refers to security protocol descriptors, i.e. OIDs nested in a logical data structure, of which the execution priority shall be ordered according the index value of the precondition attribute. securityFileOrObject components are
– fileOrObjectPath: path to the file or data object nesting a set of OIDs and further protocol relevant parameter denoting security protocols,
– index: attribute index assigned to SecurityFileOrObject,
– precondition: cross-reference to the index of the SecurityFileOrObject protocol(s) of which the execution is mandated prior to the current SecurityFileOrObject ones,
– label: attribute that may serve to identify the security file or object,
– communicationMode: physical interface as defined in 8.2.8 and to which the protocols listed in fileOrObjectPath apply. If the required communication mode cannot be fufilled by the IFD, the SecurityFileOrObject may be not accessible by the IFD,
– cioSecurityld: identifier used as cross-reference to the authentication object required for the preleminary protocol to be executed by the IFD, and
– protocol: determines which of the possibly multiple protocols defined in fileOrObjectPath referenced structures is to be used.
In case the ICC wants to enforce a high level of privacy, CIODDO may only contain SecurityFileOrObject structure to indicate to the IFD the preliminary protocol(s) to perform. If multiple SecurityFileOrObject containers are present, which do not refer to each other as precondition, they are meant as lternatives. For examples of EF .DIR content with privacy-enabling features, see Table C.1; the table provides EF.DIR;description for the file system topology on Figure C.5 and shows how securityFileOrObject component is implemented to ensure data minimization principle through access control according to ISO/IEC 7816-4.ISO IEC 7816-15 pdf download.

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